(CAT>EN) Capitolina Díaz: «The science field is not free from the pay gap»

article-capi[…] You often use a concept coined by yourself: «social gender hysteresis». What does it mean?
The concept of hysteresis is used in physics to refer to materials that, when being subjected to certain conditions, usually pressure, experience a deformation and, when this pressure is lifted, they remain deformed as if they were still under it. My proposal to the social sphere is that we suffer from a sort of social gender hysteresis, in the sense that for many centuries, humanity has gotten used to seeing women only occupying private and low-key spaces, with very few women standing out in political or scientific fields, and always exceptional cases. For centuries it was actually believed that women were not capable of executing certain tasks. But nowadays, there are more women than men in universities, and with higher levels of performance. […]

Read more at Mètode (link to English version. Translation CAT>EN by me).

Interview with Capitolina Díaz, Sociology professor at the University of Valencia, by David González, Master’s Degree in History of Science and Scientific Communication. You can read the original published in Catalan here.


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